Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation for Medical Facilities

Heating, Air conditioning, Ventilation

From steam boilers and chillers to complete ventilation systems, Performance Mechanical Contractors’ handpicked team of qualified union employees are experienced with multiple makes and models of HVAC equipment and bring an outstanding level of expertise to each project. In addition, our technicians participate in continuous manufacturer training and are supplied with the most cutting-edge technology — saving you time and money.


Retrofit projects require a high-level of expertise that ensures both timely and cost-effective completions. For piping and sheet metal retrofit projects, such installations of air handling and ventilation systems, we’ll coordinate design with your facility to make your retrofit installation smooth, seamless and efficient.

Regulatory Compliance

We understand the pressures you face in your healthcare facility or institution, which is why we make it our job to ease your burdens through continuously improving downtimes when resolving mechanical deficiencies. Whether resolving intricate ventilation problems or correcting regulatory compliance deficiencies, our team at Performance Mechanical Contractors, Inc. will work with skill and accuracy to provide minimal adverse affect on your daily routine.

Performance Mechanical Contractors, Inc

HVAC Piping Design, Fabrication and Installation


Through in-house design, fabrication and installation by our experienced staff, rest assured that we’ll take care of your chilled, hot water, steam, process and medical gas piping needs. Our certified pipefitters ensure quality fit and function to streamline your project while guaranteeing the safety of your most precious asset – your patients.

Medical Gases

Medical Gases

Performance Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is certified and extremely knowledgeable in medical gas installations, ensuring safe, reliable installations. And, because we utilize the most advanced technology available, there is little to no disruption to your patients’ care.

Medical Gases


In Illinois, we provide the largest number of SMART Tap® installations, which are patented turnkey piping solutions for medical gas that eliminate long, expensive shut downs. Forget the hassle and expense of individual oxygen tanks for patients as new piping is put into place. With SMART Tap©, patient care operations proceed as normal during construction, leaving your patients undisturbed and your hospital staff at ease.

Performance Mechanical Contractors, Inc

Cutting-Edge In-House Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal

With our cutting-edge in-house computerized sheet metal fabrication equipment and our knowledgeable, hand-picked technicians to design and perform the installation, you’ll not only experience accelerated project times, but you’ll also receive solutions that are cost-effective and tailored to fit your new and/or retrofit needs.

FANWALL Technology®

FANWALL Technology® is an innovative, energy-efficient approach to air handler design that provides you with an array of benefits from reliability, to design flexibility, to reduced maintenance costs. Choose Performance Mechanical Contractors, Inc. as your experienced partner to install an efficient, cost-effective new or retrofit FANWALL system in your facility.

Fire and Smoke Dampers

Our team’s expertise installing and testing fire dampers in healthcare facilities is something you won’t find elsewhere. From the initial installation to regular testing and maintenance, we’ll make sure that these life-saving dampers function properly in your facility and are in compliance with IDPH regulations.

Performance Mechanical Contractors, Inc

HVAC Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

With cutting edge technology and top-of-the-line equipment, we provide the most efficient service you’ll find to minimize system problems, ensure optimal building system performance, and reduce overall heating and cooling costs.

Preventive Maintenance

With a preventive maintenance agreement from our team, we’ll discuss your specific maintenance needs, evaluate your HVAC equipment and implement the type of maintenance you need to keep your equipment running at its finest. From steam trap testing to maintaining your capital equipment (boilers, chillers and air distribution), our service team will provide you with excellent preventive maintenance and diagnostics for increased reliability of your system.

In Case of Emergency

Issues can arise in your heating, air conditioning, and ventilating equipment at any point in time, and in many cases, require immediate attention to keep the patients or staff in your facility safe and comfortable. That’s why we provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. At PMC, we make sure ALL of your HVAC needs are met, even the unexpected.

Performance Mechanical Contractors, Inc

Through the use of cutting-edge technology and professionally planned installations, Performance Mechanical Contractors, Inc. continually provides Healthcare customers with system applications that are efficient, cost-effective and beyond expectations.

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